Saturday, February 4, 2012

“Dead Instruments” © Mike Absalom

A blind man jumped over a
cliff towards the scent of flowers.
Is this retirement?

Only half blind
I felt the weaker pull.
I put up my fiddle
and pushed my harp into a
It looks good there.
Its polished black walnut
displays my dust collection
to a T.

I am often woken in the night
as yet another string snaps
angrily in its sad redundancy
and gives up the ghost with a
Gutless harp.

Although not quite.

During the day if I pass by
absentmindedly close
the viper teeth of string
ends nip playfully at my flesh
hoping I will catch tetanus.

Like the blind man I jumped
over a cliff.

As I fall
the scent of flowers is not
getting any stronger.

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