Saturday, February 4, 2012

“Wet the Tea!” © Mike Absalom January 14th 2012

How is my outside today?
In a pink dressing gown I
step out.
The sun snaps shut like a
Venetian blind!
The first drops of rain
whistle past me like grape shot!
Who have I offended today?
I curse the garden nymphs.
Who are these activist women?
Wet the tea!!

The thunder claps twice,
applauding ominously.
Rumbles of discontent run
through the bean rows,
and a flicker of red gnome
caps bolting.
Who have I offended today?
White light flickers behind
the black forestry horizon.
Broom sticks rattle in the
Wet the tea!

I laugh out loud, feeling the
wind in my face.
My dressing gown blows up with
a cackle
and I flash
forked lightning for the
I’m bright as Bacchus today,
prancing down the slabs
breathing life from an oxygen

On the compost heap green
umbrella leaves
creep like caterpillars over
the steaming mound
and the nasturtium flowers
they engender
grin at me with orange faces
like painted bridesmaids at a
traveller wedding.
Wet the tea!
Who shall I offend today?
I’m ready!

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