Saturday, February 4, 2012


The first night I
made love to an audience
I walked back to
my lodgings through the sleeping Athenian streets
and cold stiletto
footsteps clapped me
all the way home.

Above the
the moon icily
dropping chill white
where my feet
would fall.

Since my victorious
first night
I have bought your
red silk concupiscence
as easily as a
late night souvlaki.

If you dare, walk
the streets by my side.
Applause is a
whore’s embrace,
but it grips me
tighter than anything your thin arms could offer.

In the streets of
the Plaka
the crushed
magnolia lie like dead snakes on the morning flagstones.
I am envenomed
for they have
bruised my heel.

© Mike Absalom July 20 2008

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