Saturday, February 4, 2012

“On Learning the Accordion” © Mike Absalom January 22nd

I’m a guitarist but I’m
learning the accordion
so that I can go to a sesiún
and listen to myself.
You can’t hear faic on a guitar at a sesiún.
Unless, that is, you arrive
with a van load of amplifiers
and the intention to be

I’m too old for importance.
If I wanted to be important
I’d join a gym.
Or go on a demonstration.
Or go on a demonstration and
write a letter to somebody.
You have to be careful with
letters though.
The difference between importance and impotence
is only a copla letters.

You have to be careful with
accordions too.
The difference between
guitars and accordions is that
it takes much longer to smash
an accordion.

I’m an accordionist but I’m
thinking of learning the machine gun.

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